Same course twice -training (26/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rinnekoti
The first loop is "the map with course" and second lop is "blank backround map". Click map to swap maps. Big black dot is one minute, small plack dot is every 10 secs.

So, same short course twice. First round navigating, second time tyring to beat first time as much as possible, by using same route choices but having the advantage of remembering most of it so no much need to read map or compass.

- first round 18'24
- second round 18'29

So I managed to be 5 sec slower in the second round. I took 10 min rest break after the first look and memorized an planned first legs. So I did not look at map (compas once) in three first legs and managed made 20 sec lead there, but in the 4th leg I must have hit less runnable spots and took also a bit more climb there because I lost half of the lead (10 sec). The diffrence stayed there until aat the longer leg back I tried to cut corner a bit at marsh before the road and enterd greene area there and lost my lead there. At the road it was even. The I ran in the bare rock hill side too long and had to climb at a steeper place up the nest hill. Lost about 10 secs more. To the finish I was 7 secs faster second time, mostly because at the very end I ran through a bush to the stone the first time and I did look at map once just before the control, also did I not make sprint finish to save something for the second round.

Initially I thougth beeing 15-20 secs faster the second round, I did not realize while running my time losses at long legs were that big. Looks like It pays of to navigate a bit.
Same course twice -training (26/05/2013) Same course twice -training (26/05/2013)